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The Industrial Death Sentence

Linfen is one of China’s cities and is located along Fen River. Ever wondered why the international market is filled with chinese products????? Well……….wonder no more. Some of these products come from Linfen. Linfen city is practically swallowed up by factories, manufacturing companies, smelting plants, coal mines, refineries and iron foundries, just to mention but a few. All these industries release tonnes of chemicals into the atmosphere creating a thick smog and haze. It is this smog that actually causes Linfen city to enjoy VERY FEW hours of sunlight each day. For the past few decades, there has been a steady increase in respiratory diseases as the air quality gets worse and worse. The industrial revolution transforming the world’s most populous country is also destroying its environment and its people. China harbours 16 of the twenty most contaminated places on earth, according to a World Bank Survey, Linfen tops the list.

Here in Linfen, breathing air is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes each day. Approximately 3 million people are dying of pneumonia, bronchitis, lead poisoning and cancer. In an attempt to minimize these effects, children, men and women are wearing masks to protect themselves. According to Mother Nature Network, if one puts laundry out to dry, it will turn black before finishing drying.

The pace of energy development in China is breathtaking. No other large country has ever built an economy at this speed. However, despite the growing importance of climate change and its effects, most people in China are either unaware of or uninterested in climate change. The pollution in Linfen china is growing in tandem with the economy.

In respect to this, two words come to mind, GREEN CONSUMERISM. We should all purchase goods and products that promote human dignity, environmental conservation and sustainable development. Goods whose production processes in-cooperate environmental friendly strategies, and which have taken into consideration environmental friendly methods of product disposal. What do you think?



Saturday morning, I wake very early to feel the warmth of the sun as the light rays hit my bark,

I can feel the ground is still wet from yesterdays heavy down pour,

Mmmmmhhhh!! I wonder what the weather will be like today???

Oh well, it doesn’t matter, no one has ever successfully predicted the weather deep in this tropical forest,

Suddenly, I hear voices a few meters behind me,

It must be the explorers again,

How they love exploring this place that we have all come to call home,

You’ve got to love how they conduct their research,

Personally, I adore them.

In a little while, they remove one of their instruments from their truck,

Its making so much noise, it’s got to be a machine,

Sort of reminds me of a powerful machine I have heard before from the stories I have once been told,

Loggers????? In this part of the jungle??????

No no no no………………..I must be hallucinating,

Tears stream down my bark freely, as I watch Kathy, my best friend, hit the wet ground,

I say a short prayer as I feel a sharp pain in my stem, and I faint just before reaching the ground.

Two hours later, I wake up in a truck as I feel my body being tossed here and there on the rough road,

My heart is deeply saddened, I always knew sooner or later, deforestation will catch up with us, today was my turn……….