Saturday morning, I wake very early to feel the warmth of the sun as the light rays hit my bark,

I can feel the ground is still wet from yesterdays heavy down pour,

Mmmmmhhhh!! I wonder what the weather will be like today???

Oh well, it doesn’t matter, no one has ever successfully predicted the weather deep in this tropical forest,

Suddenly, I hear voices a few meters behind me,

It must be the explorers again,

How they love exploring this place that we have all come to call home,

You’ve got to love how they conduct their research,

Personally, I adore them.

In a little while, they remove one of their instruments from their truck,

Its making so much noise, it’s got to be a machine,

Sort of reminds me of a powerful machine I have heard before from the stories I have once been told,

Loggers????? In this part of the jungle??????

No no no no………………..I must be hallucinating,

Tears stream down my bark freely, as I watch Kathy, my best friend, hit the wet ground,

I say a short prayer as I feel a sharp pain in my stem, and I faint just before reaching the ground.

Two hours later, I wake up in a truck as I feel my body being tossed here and there on the rough road,

My heart is deeply saddened, I always knew sooner or later, deforestation will catch up with us, today was my turn……….


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