I Have Seen Terrible Things Happen to Life on Earth

CEO Bob Parsons' claim to shooting a "problem" bull is wrong.They come with lots of money and advanced machinery,

some come with lots of reports filled with ‘well thought out’ strategies for developmental measures,

while others come with advanced weaponry in the middle of the night,

But all of them have one thing in common in their agenda,

Dead wildlife and the destruction of ecological habitats.

Face sawed off together with both tusks

For how long will the beauty and integrity of our biological and ecological diversity be at the mercy of those who care less?

For how long will we watch faces of elephants being sawed off completely just for their tusks?

For how long will we watch our National Parks being reduced to estates and farms?

When will ever stop the corruption and grabbing that revolves around our Tropical forests?

Our Lakes are not only receding but also being filled with pesticides,

as the fish choke to death,

That is why we need more ambassadors,

Ambassadors who will stand up for what is right,

I am one of them,

Are you?


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