Eco-Couture – The Recycled Tire Handbag

One of the most important things to note about fashion trends all over the world is that they change very fast.  Today is leather and tomorrow is fur. A situation which negatively impacted our environment and its natural resources, either during the acquisition of raw materials or disposal. Here in Kenya, there has been an increased demand and a rapid change of fashion in women’s hand bags. It is amazing how a lot of women now prefer bigger and bigger hand bags. Many of them also prefer to own more than one handbag, for the different occassions. One way of reducing the impact of fashion on our environment is by coming up with Fashionable and eco-friendly hand bags such as this beautifully made handbag from El Salvador which is made from recycled tire inner tubes. Other features of this hand bag include a double shoulder strap, a zipper closure, open internal cell phone pocket and zippered pocket. This hand bag still looks new, stylish and trendy and whats more….it is environmental friendly. Click here to Purchase this Hand bag and help save our environment.


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