Merging Art with Nature

One of the most common ways in which people use to express their feelings and thoughts is through Art. There are various forms of art in which one can choose to express him/herself and this includes music, performing arts like acting and acrobatics, through graffiti, and even through drawing and creating  pieces of art images.

Environmentalists have now decided to take the knowledge of nature to another new and exciting level, Environmental Art.

Environmental Art is one of the-not so widely known-forms of expressing oneself. It offers an opportunity for one to reflect, meditate and get inspiration from the beautiful and natural art surroundings, and this is what we has come to be termed as interactive observation.

Environmental art first emerged in the 1960’s in response to the environmental movement and the quest for a green revolution. It is now one of the best ways of enhancing our relationship with nature, understanding how the environment works and also helps in reclaiming damaged environments. It helps us to be appreciative of nature and its diversity.

Environmental art can be in exist in various forms. It can be made from recycled objects, or it can be in form of land art.

Gas Station made from Recycled Materials

One way in which one can decide to best portray environmental art and especially Environmental Land Art during events such as weddings, where landscaping is done in such a way as to create shapes of different wild animals and objects.

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