A Letter to Dear Mother Nature

Oh Dear Mother Nature

Where do I begin to explain?

Your splendor, magnificence and your pain

Your beauty is one of a kind,

As you light up the day and the night,

From the highs of Mt. Everest, to the oceans beneath,

You have shown your true self in the diversity within,

The plants tell of your tale, from the seed that flowers and blooms,

To the unique aroma of flowers and herbs,

To the clean simplicity of fresh growing grass,

And to the grace and speed of birds and animals,

The lightning and thunder tell of your forces and your rage,

As you whisper in my ear through the changing winds,

As I feel the sense, gentleness and force of the breeze,

the heat of the sun and the cool of snow,

How I long for the silence, the harmony & the peaceful distraction

From this noisy world’s cares and troubles,

A life beyond thought is what you offer,

How I wish I could escape , relax & be carried away,

To the joys and Wonders of Nature,

To discover the mystery that lies deep,

With which you inspire & motivate,

You are a perfect orchestration; every day a true masterpiece

Your beauty is ever changing, ever inviting,

A stunning backdrop creating heaven on earth

Yours Truly,

Vella K.A, The Natural Traveler


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